The Strangest Thing happened

I dug my fingers into the bread dough and squeezed. I stretched it and folded it over and mashed it down onto the counter. After kneading the dough for a few minutes, I formed it into two round balls. I floured the pizza pans and was about to flatten the dough onto them when a frog jumped up on the counter to my left. For a second we both froze and stared at each other. I was startled to see such a large frog. It was twice as big as my fist. That’s the largest frog I’ve seen in these parts. And it was sitting right next to my pizza dough! Moving quickly I grabbed it around the middle before it could jump away. It struggled a in my dough covered hands but I held tight. No way was I going to let it jump on my dough!

“How did you get in here?” I asked, even though I knew it couldn’t tell me. We don’t have a pond in the yard, so where could he have come from? I couldn’t begin to guess, but one thing I did know, he was going out the back door.

Once he was outside, I went back into the kitchen and I washed my hands and prepared the dough to go in the oven. I opened the oven and another frog jumped up on to the open door and then onto the pizza pan as I put it into the oven. It didn’t like the heat, I guess and jumped right back out. When I closed the oven there was frog on the stove top and more frogs hopping across the kitchen floor.

I was starting to wonder if I had be transported back to ancient Egypt right after Moses sent all those frogs as a plague on the people. But I knew that couldn’t be, because I just put my pizza dough in an electric oven. Egyptians would have wood fired ovens made of clay or bricks.

I grabbed the other pizza pan before the frogs crawled all over it and turned back to the clay oven and using the long handled paddle I stuck it through the little door and set it on the shelf over the flames.

With my bread baking I turned to the problem of the frogs. They were everywhere now. I watched them in horror as I realized it would be impossible to get them all out and keep them out.

Then I opened my eyes. I was sitting in bed with my back propped against a pillow, and there were no frogs. 


Dr. Pol’s Last Kind Deed

Dr. Yan Pol loved cats. But his arthritis was making it difficult to get around and he knew he wouldn’t always be able to take care of them. So he built one last droid and programmed it to take over the job for him. The pain in his joints was much easier to bare once he saw how well the droid, which he named Clack, cared for his cats. 
When a strange virus wiped out the human race Clack adopted the other cats in the neighborhood. Many years passed but the cats on Apricot Street knew they could always count on Clack to be there for them.
This story is a writing exercise I did when someone shared the photo below on one of my Facebook groups.


One night this Spring after supper I let the kids play outside while I cleaned up the kitchen. “You can’t be out long,” I told them, “dark clouds are rolling in.” My weather app predicted severe thunderstorms.

I was loading the dishwasher when, suddenly my youngest screamed and came running to the back door. He sounded scared. I ran to let him in, expecting to see a loose dog chasing him. There was no dog. I opened the door to let him in but he just stood there. I couldn’t tell if he wanted me to come out or if he was worried about his older siblings still out in the yard. 

Then, as if he suddenly realized what he must do, he blurted out, “I get my gun.” 

He was given a bubble gun for his second birthday. You dip the ring on the muzzle in a shallow dish of bubble solution and when you pull it out and squeeze the trigger it pumps a gentle stream of air through the ring and makes bubbles. 

He found his bubble gun and went back out on the deck and announced, “I scare the thunder!” 

Yes, yes! Little man, be brave. One day you’ll grow up. You’ll put down your bubble gun. What will you pick up instead?

As I stood there watching him face is fears as best he knew how, I turned introspective. What do I cling to for security and to help me feel brave when disaster threatens? Insurance for health, home, and automobile? Constitutional Rights? The U.S. Dollar? My job? Religion?

Are my fears even legitimate? Is there anything substantial behind the thunderclap threatening my safety, or is it just noise? Can the things I fear really hurt me? And if so, can the things I trust really protect me?

Even as a grown man there’s a part of me that still feels like a lost boy. So I wonder, am I just a two-year-old brandishing a bubble gun at thunderstorms?

My Morning Miracle

I’m trying something new. Well, not really new, people have been doing it since, well, probably since the beginning of human civilization. It’s not even entirely new to me. The thing is, I am now doing it with new motivation, expectation, and purpose.
This “new” thing is called The Miracle Morning(TM) based on the book by Hal Elrod also titled, The Miracle Morning. The not so new part is waking up early, the new part is why.

See, before, I believed that getting up early was merely a good idea, but I didn’t understand that it was essential to living up to my full potential.

So a couple weeks ago, after reading Hal’s book, I decided to give The Miracle Morning(TM) a try and I committed to getting up at 5a.m. to work on my personal development. Hal’s program is still new to me and I don’t do everything exactly as he prescribes, but this morning I learned there’s more than one way to have a Miracle Morning. 

My alarm was beeping. I got out of bed, walked to my dresser and turned it off. My alarm is across the room so I have to get out of bed to turn it off. Then I grabbed my clothes and went to the bathroom where I can turn on the light without disturbing my wife who was out late last night. Once dressed, went to the kitchen for a glass of water, drinking water helps me wake up. Well, that and the coffee. 

I set my now empty glass on the table and turned around and then I saw it – the pile of dishes in the sink. 

Now, last night I had a choice, stay up to unload and reload the dishwasher or save it for the morning. Either way, I had already set my alarm for 4:50 AM and it was after 10 PM at that point. If I stayed up I knew my wife would be happy when she came home and heard the dishwasher running, but I felt like I was going to pass out, so I went to bed. 

So there I was, staring at the dirty dishes and I realized I had a choice, I could leave the whole mess for my wife and just get my coffee and get on with my Miracle Morning, or I could put off the reading I wanted to do and give my wife a Miracle Morning by doing the dishes. I did the dishes. 

Once the dishwasher was running, I picked up my mug of coffee and stepped outside to enjoy the first light of day. I love being outside early in the morning! The sun wasn’t up yet but there was enough light to see what I was doing. I stood on the deck and just listened to the birds for a moment.

Looking around I noticed that everything was dry, no rain, no dew. I could sit in my favorite deck chair without getting a towel to dry it off. But I didn’t sit down because since it didn’t rained in the night the garden needed watering.

It takes a little time to water everything because I use the water from the rain barrel, and that means filling the watering can multiple times. But that also gave me time to enjoy the peaceful morning. Even our relatively quiet neighborhood gets noisy with activity during the day, so I was grateful to be outside and hear only birds. 

After filling and emptying the watering can a few times, I noticed the world changing from grey tone to full color as the sun peeked over the horizon. I turned to face northeast, smiling to welcome the coming day. The clouds were aglow with pink light. THIS is worth getting up early for!

I still had not exercised or done affirmations or the reading I was hoping to do, but though I did not plan to, I had practiced kindness, silence, and gratitude. I made positive choices and that turned into a positive attitude. I was feeling great. It was going to be a good day!

I may not have done things quite like Hal Elrod but I ended up having a good morning anyway. I was up early and got things done before sunrise and that put me ahead of the game! And that’s what The Miracle Morning(TM) means for me. 

What I had discovered was that you don’t have to follow someone’s program exactly as they lay it out. I took the concepts and adapted them to what I needed this morning, and I got a positive result, because doing something, anything, is better than doing nothing at all.

Daddy Cooks Lunch

Daddy’s in the kitchen today. The baby’s due in about three weeks and Momma’s resting. So I get to cook lunch.

But what to make? I find sausage in the freezer and put it in hot water to thaw. Next I find rice and get it in the rice cooker. I use chicken broth for part of the water for the rice. It adds good flavor.

Now with the rice cooking I finish loading the dishwasher and start it. As it hums along, I check the sausage. It is almost thawed through, so I warm the skillet. There is only a small bit still frozen and after a few minutes in the skillet it’s thawed and soon all the sausage is browned.

Now, rice and sausage are wonderful staples, but what to have with them? A vegetable? I find broccoli in the freezer. I scoop the sausage into a bowl and put the broccoli in the skillet to sauté. But is this enough? Should I add something for flavor? An herb or spice? How about one of the onions I got at the farmers’ market last Tuesday?

Just then my daughter comes in and wants to know what we are having for lunch. I tell her it’s food. She wants to know what it’s called. It doesn’t have a name. She wants to give it a name. She calls it rice sausage broccoli topping. She sees me chop the onion and says not to add it because she will have to change the name. I tell her I want onion in it. So she tells to cook it ’till it’s soft. Which I was planning to do. 

I remove the broccoli and sauté the onion. The rice cooker beeps, indicating the rice is done and the cooker has switched to “KEEP WARM”.

Soon the onion is soft and beginning to caramelize so I put the broccoli and sausage back into the skillet and turn the temp down to “Lo”. 

I tell the kids to set the table for lunch. Then I go to the bedroom. Momma is awake now. I tell her what we are having and she thanks me.

Back in the kitchen we sit down and enjoy a delicious, made-up on the fly, meal. With a little practice, cooking without a recipe is easy.