We Have To Stop Living In Fear

I don’t remember who said it, Tony Robins probably, but what was said was, “Some things are scary but not dangerous, and other things are dangerous but not scary.” He used repelling as an example of something not dangerous but scary. Who turns their back and steps off a cliff without feeling scared? Yet when you are secured with a rope and harness, it’s not dangerous.
The trick, of course, is to know when something is truly dangerous and when it is just scary. Fear has its place when you face real danger. Fear motivates you to hide or run away. That’s good when you are facing real danger, but sometimes you will be trapped in fear because you are believing a false narrative. This is what happened to me when I wanted to start my blog. I knew there wasn’t anything dangerous about writing for a blog, but it was scary. I was afraid no one would read it. I wondered if I had anything to tell the world that they haven’t already heard. I was, and still am, afraid I would run out of ideas.

• Face your fear

Fear won’t go away as long as you are running from it. You have to face it. You can’t crush fear unless you walk right up to it. So, as you go through your week take note of what scares you. You have to start by recognizing fear for what it is. Then ask, “is it dangerous?” It might be hard, or unpleasant, but if it isn’t dangerous pluck up your courage and crush that fear!

Putting my thoughts out on the World Wide Web isn’t inherently dangerous, but going public is scary! With each post, I face that fear and publish it anyway, because I know I need to help people be better versions of themselves. 

• Just do it!

As we go through life we will face many obstacles, but probably the hardest to overcome is our own fear. Don’t let fear be your trap. Is there something you are scared to start? Is it dangerous, or just scary? A lot of worth while things are hard and scary. We can’t let that stop us. Don’t think about being scared, think about the people you can help. Push past your fear and just do it!